Ladies KAR Care is a brand dedicated to helping women know more about cars and how to carry out essential car maintenance and repairs. 

We are passionate about assisting women in eliminating their car fears, building confidence, and equipping them with the necessary information, so they don’t get ripped off at auto-repair shops.


Cindy went  from clueless to confident, learning all the things side-by-side with her husband. Then as women came into their shop, She started passing the knowledge on while her husband worked on their car. 

From Clueless to Confident  

Cindy Calderon didn’t always know much about cars and car maintenance. Like a lot of women, she hadn’t spent a lot of time learning about basic repairs and maintenance, and she felt insecure about being taken advantage of by mechanics. It’s a tale so many of us are all too familiar with. We’d like to think that in 2021, women would have an equitable experience with men when it comes to dealing with their cars, but that just hasn’t been the experience for many of us. 


Cindy has found a way to change that, and over the past few years, she’s been working to 

break those stereotypes, and help women understand that they don't have to be an expert in order to take control over the care and repairs of their cars.


She is absolutely the best woman for the job! Her warmth and generosity come across immediately, and as a mom of 4 kids and business owner, she has a ton of energy and a knack for getting things done! 


 A Mission to Serve Other Women 

Cindy wasn't always that interested in knowing about cars. Beginning in 2015, she was supporting her husband’s repair shop, Kingdom Auto Repair Garden Grove, California. When they opened their doors in 2015, she started on this path by helping with administration and a dream of serving the community in a better way.  


As they grew, she started building relationships with the customers and noticed a pattern of women sharing how they usually feel in repair shops. An all too common theme was that they didn’t have a lot of knowledge or confidence and they didn’t always understand what the mechanic was telling them, and that made them feel insecure about dealing with their cars.


Cindy got a journal and began writing their stories. She knew how she could help the community of women by empowering them to repair their own cars with confidence. Her husband started teaching Cindy small repairs and maintenance and Cindy started teaching their customers. Most of the time, the women she came across didn’t have experience checking fluids, opening their hoods. She could see how helpless that made them feel, and how teaching them the basics really built their confidence. 


She loved that feeling and she decided to make her services accessible to more women by  starting a workshop. In 2019 she and her husband did a workshop at their shop and over 100 ladies showed up. They started doing it every month, giving women the opportunity to take control and 


Kingdom Auto Repair is named in honor of her family’s faith in God, their goal to serve others and serve God.  Cindy told me she knew her purpose almost as soon as they opened their doors. She said, “God wanted me to serve women”. In other companies, she worked in prior to opening the shop with her husband, she had a knack for drawing women to her and building connections with them, and building strong teams. This was her purpose. 

Cindy says, “Cars are just the wrapping paper to bring people into the shop, and then once I can share my testimony and they receive it, God can start working on their purpose.”